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Published on December 14th, 2007 | by tdnimz7S


12 Minutes

Wow. Only 12 minutes.

You see, we now have — for the first time in 11 months and 2 weeks — the internet at home. At Goibei!

Oh, I’ll miss the 1,213,562 potholes to avoid on the way to the cybercare. And the oppressive heat. And humidity. And the driving. Do you know the difference between a Kenyan taxi driver and a runaway cruise missile? The missile is safer to be near.

And it means we will be able to keep in touch more effectively. To tell you about our youth camp this week, with 62 people enjoying our beautiful grounds, great food, and a terrific program. Or about our Certificate class that is preparing to come January 4 …. including a lady from Masai country! Or about our new Diploma program that will kick off in a few weeks! Or the cattle raiders that have been taking local animals in the night!

Thanks for helping us help those around us. God bless you, especially as we go into 2008!

Ken & Marge MacGowan

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