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Published on April 28th, 2009 | by kenmacgowan


Alex the great

Pastor Alex had an idea. As he sat in his office in Bombo, a small town north of Kampala in Uganda, he felt his congregation should start a new church.

So they did. In January, 2008, a few of his people joined him and walked to a nearby village. They visited sick people, made meals, gave out clothing…..and the villagers wondered why. They found out. God is love, and Alex and his friends were acting like God.

In fact, that year they started 4 new churches.

Their method was like the iceberg I saw in Newfoundland this week. Most of what counted was beneath the surface.

How does this translate into Canadian culture? Sarah, our daughter-in-law, tells how her home group visited a single mom, and in a little over 2 hours repaired floors, painted the unpainted, cleaned windows…..and showed the love of Jesus.

Sort of like the single mothers’ group we had in Paris. Our church sponsored them, encouraged them, and made it possible for them to visit Jamaica on a missions trip.

Alex would approve. So would many other pastors in Uganda who have seen so many church plants that the number of congregations now numbers 4,000.

Please remember him, and others, as they prepare for next week’s next seminar in Bombo. God bless.

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