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Published on August 25th, 2008 | by tdnimz7S


A Treat (or, if you read it a second time, a re-treat)

It was a relief to see the completion of a Diploma level course I have written on the Holy Spirit. Over 75 pages long, with hundreds of Scripture references, it was a challenge.

Our joy was replete when the extension students expressed their appreciation at Kapsabet. It has been an adventure and a joy traveling there early on Saturday mornings, and the last session was especially exhilarating with the steep, muddy hill down to the tin church.

During the last two weeks we have hosted 440 guests over 6 days. Our facilities are great, the costs minimal, and our workers still ended up with a bonus, and a deposit in our new scholarship fund for needy students.

The Bible College will soon reopen, and two classes await me, with 30 hours’ instruction planned over 6 days. It is fun!

I have been asked to go to Malawi to do some research and planning for the missions department. You may not receive e-mail replies from me as quickly, until September 13.

What the excited mob shouted at me as they poured out of their villages for the tribal rituals that take place every four years. One motorist had his car overturned when he didn’t smile in response to the “welcome”.

After nearly two years in Africa, this is what the budget suffers. Depletion. The ten families we support say they will miss us when we are on home assignment at the end of October, but they understand that their well-being depends on your support.

Hey, don’t delete this until you’ve read it!

May God bless you.
Ken & Marge MacGowan

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