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Ken and Marge MacGowan were married in 1968 with the view of fulfilling their call to Africa as missionaries. Ken is a third generation missionary (their daughter, Lynda represented the fourth). Growing up in French Canada prepared them for missionary terms in Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda.

Their first three children treasure their years growing up in Africa:

  • Gord (married to Heather, with four children),
  • Allan (married to Sarah, with two children, living in Ottawa), and
  • Lynda (married to Mike, with two children, living in Brantford, Ontario).

Their last (fourth) child, Sherry — born in Nairobi in 1990, but who moved back to Canada with her family as an infant — returned to Kenya with her parents in 2006. She returned to Canada in 2008, where she is currently studying at McMaster University.

Ken and Marge have been invited to work with one of the most interesting and fastest growing churches in Africa — in Uganda. Under the Superintendent, Rev Simon Peter Emiau, they have implemented an aggressive church-planting program. The MacGowans will be training African missionaries in English, French, and Swahili, and help send them to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi.

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