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Published on March 8th, 2010 | by kenmacgowan



He did it! He actually managed to create the ultimate bottleneck. There were 240 bottles on his bicycle! It would be a challenge to his strength and balance to get down the hill. Going up would be worse! But he had to make his deliveries.


We wanted to deliver, too. Our trip to Uganda was highly anticipated!  Our indigenous missionaries were gathering at the mission station at Bombo, 30 km north of Kampala. The pastors at Entebbe, Bwaise, and Bombo knew we were coming, as well. They had plans for us.


And we wanted to deliver!


Visiting the churches was unforgettable. The Entebbe congregation sang to inspired accompaniment. The Bwaise congregation welcomed us as Ken preached twice, later giving a Bible study in English and French. The Congolese and Rwandese members were especially pleased! When the conversation switched to Swahili after the service, their smiles widened like the Zambezi River in flood season. Pastor Alex at Bombo treated us royally, as Marge spent a day with the ladies. They were delighted to make crafts that they could sell. They were excited to hear some basic medical tips from “Where There is No Doctor”.  Ken was able to visit one of the fifty AIDS-affected homes, receiving help from the church. Pastor Alex is an exemplary pastor!


Next time we will be letting you know about the 23 African missionaries we met, and some of their stories. Some interesting conversations arose. One was about cannibals. Are they still active? Apparently so, according to 5 of our workers in northeast Uganda.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to our next missions trip – we appreciate your help in making it possible.


Avoiding a bottleneck.


God bless.

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