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Published on July 8th, 2009 | by kenmacgowan



Canada is a land of programs. Activities. Schedules. To-do lists.


Africa, on the other hand, emphasizes people. Relationships. Dynamics – what about  the people involved in programs and activities, and how they interact?


So we are always interested to hear about our African colleagues. The Goibei Mission programs are ended for us, but what about the people? It was exciting to hear this week that Simon and Agnes, the managers of our Goibei station, have just gone on to help in another mission program in Kisumu! Employment is very scarce in Western Kenya, and they have been able to continue to support their family!


There were 10 other families on that station, and it saddens me to think about them. I trust they will survive.


Perhaps we, as Canadians, should pause in our busy schedules to reflect on the people around us. Jesus Christ had to travel from Jerusalem to Galilee, but chose the less-travelled road through hostile Samaria. Why? To minister to a certain woman at a well.


God is fairly busy, but He takes time for us.  May He continue to keep you!


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2 Responses to Colleagues

  1. Thanks for doing Gods work .I am a ugandan pastor i do serve in rural areas ,i request you to help me get training such that i can serveGods people well

    God bless you

    yours in Christ,

    Bro. Twesige SELEGIO

  2. Peter says:

    Praise God am excited to hear abt the progress you are making thanxs to God. Creat 66 graduate

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