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Published on February 26th, 2008 | by tdnimz7S


“Give us the job and we’ll finish the tools”

He only wore one shoe. Despite the rocky ground riddled with thorns. But he was doing his best to tend the unruly flock of goats and cattle as they crazed beside the road. As I wrestled with the first of 3 tire problems on our Nairobi to Goibei trip, Marge gave the young boy something he hadn’t experienced in quite a while. A kind word. He warmed visibly, and almost cried when we left.

The boy was diligent, not like the tire mechanic who had carelessly allowed a speck of gravel to slip between the tire and tube head installed for us, the week before. I’m glad that mechanic wasn’t the one guarding the goats from wandering onto the road.

So we limped on to Gilgil, where we met another interesting individual. The manic mechanic. He jumped around trying to replace our torn tube, borrowing wrenches and causing onlookers to laugh. He had a unique tool shed. He had stacked a pile of huge tires, and jumped into the middle of them like a straw fitting into donuts. Why? His tools were neatly placed in the different tires, ready to sort and use.

Well, he didn’t succeed very well, because we had another flat. This time we met another interesting man. He was a soldier, and as he nervously helped change my tire, he held his rifle in one hand. He informed us that it was a dangerous spot due to robbers. His help was enthusiastic — so much so, that he broke my jack. As I have said, “Give us the job and we’ll finish the tools”.

So after 8 hours to travel 250 km, we stopped for 2 days of car repairs. There we met more interesting people… who reached out to help, and do their best to make our saga a little more positive.

I wondered what kind of person I am turning out to be for those on the road of life.

Thanks for keeping us in mind. God bless.

Ken & Marge MacGowan

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