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Published on April 23rd, 2010 | by kenmacgowan


It feels good


Sometimes missionary work gets tedious. But it sure feels good to receive thanks. Like these grateful girls in the photo, who expressed gratitude to Marge for leading the girls’ group, forty years ago in Zambia.


Or another good friend whom we met in Zambia 38 years ago, is still in touch. Or a friend from Mombasa who is now a missionary in Oman.


Most recently, Simon wrote to us about our two-year commitment in Goibei, Kenya. He reminisced about our time together. He had been given land, but hadn’t been able to transfer the ownership. We were able to help him. He didn’t have a long-term plan to generate income, so we sent him to Drivers’ Ed. We helped him further his studies. He also had health issues in his family, and we were able to pass on financial assistance. He also thanked us for mentoring him.


It feels good.


But it also feels good because your support and encouragement that we feel, are passed on to our friends in Uganda. So they feel good, too.


Thank you for your interest in what we are doing!


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