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Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by kenmacgowan


Leadership Development – here and there!

Marge and Ken have been committed to leadership development in Africa since 1970, when they worked alongside a Zambian pastor and planted a village church. The congregation still meets!


Since then they have pastored a church in Kitwe, Zambia Рnow led by a Zambian. They have directed a church in Mombasa, Kenya Рnow led by a Kenyan. The Bible College academics were directed by them in Mbale, Uganda Рa position now occupied by a Ugandan. They trained teachers to instruct the Bible in Goibei, Kenya Рa program now led by the national church.


In 2013 they were developing leaders here and there. In Canada, and in Uganda. For a year prior to the mission, Marge and Ken met with Scouts/Venturers, preparing to take them to Uganda to drill water wells. Leadership development in Canada. The trip was a great success, and the 15 members of the team learned much about a different culture and way of life. During our time in East Africa, the Canadians developed friendships and relationships that they still enjoy!


As we plan our next mission in 2014, we keep the focus – train leaders so that they can train leaders so that they can train leaders….

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