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Published on January 24th, 2007 | by tdnimz7S


Powerless anointing in Goibei

One of the biggest upgrades in the CREATE program is Powerpoint. I have reduced half my term’s teaching to Powerpoint, and really looked forward to using it for the first time Monday.

It was, however, powerless anointing. The anointing was there. The electricity was not. So neither was the powerpoint. It went better Tuesday.

The teachers attending this term represent 5,795 children, who will be touched. Thank you for help making this possible.

God bless.

Ken & Marge MacGowan

Comment posted by MARION MAKUNGU
at 12/12/2007 7:50:47 AM

thanks alot for your website. i went through Goibei Primary and High school. i appreciated all the invites you gave us almost one per term. the sweets, pictures and all.

Iris Scheel and Ank thank you very much including our mum Emmy Kidula

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