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Published on November 15th, 2007 | by tdnimz7S


Regroup, reboot, and recruit

So the problem is this. For the last 5 years or so, recruitment is down in our CREATE program. Teachers are overworked, and unable to leave their jobs to study with us. Principals are reluctant to release them. So, what can be done about our certificate program?

Today a colleague and I visited the Kenya Institute of Education in Nairobi, and investigated upgrading our program from certificate to diploma level. The timing of God! The Education people are revamping their diploma schools, and several will be shutting down in January when the new standards are published. AND WE ARE IN THE DRIVERS’ SEAT WHEN IT COMES TO RETOOLING OUR COURSES!

So things are looking up.

And talking about looking up, we were driving near Kakamega recently. A bright, sunny day. When we came over the hill, there were some huge trees ahead with literally thousands of birds swooping around them, in formation. Except they weren’t birds. We could hear before we could see…..they were bats!

Just shows you, keep looking up. You never know what might fall on you.

Thanks for your interest. God bless.

Ken & Marge MacGowan

Comment posted by MARION MAKUNGU
at 1/20/2008 4:30:24 AM

pleased be sending me updates on my email address. i grew up in Goibei Village and schooled Goibei Primary and High School. thanks for the pictures you gave us and sweets every sunday. God bless you. an currently at Nairobi working

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