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Published on January 1st, 2008 | by tdnimz7S


SOS Prayer Concern

Hi everyone,

Our former Pastor Ken MacGowan and his wife Marge, daughter Sherry desperately need our prayers at this time.

They are in Kisumu, Kenya where there is lots of violence. Please check it online.

There was a recent election in the country and the people are rebelling in a violent revolt. Many are being shot.

We called them this morning and they have been stuck in their mission base home for 4 days and are running out of food and supplies. Ken said that there is a major showdown that is suppose to happen in the area on Thursday Jan 3rd and if they do not get out by that time that they will be stuck there.

His visa is presently tied up at the consulate as he was in the process of having it renewed, therefore even if they wanted to leave the country, he needs his visa!

Online it says that the Kisumu airport is closed as they have run out of gasoline.

Please pray:
1. That they would be safe as they leave to get food and supplies as the place where they have to go is 5 kms away and this is where the worse violence is taking place.
2. Please pray that his visa would be released without any problems.
3. General safety for all of them and God’s peace in their lives during this situation, their daughter Sherry is 17 and I’m sure must be scared.

Please pass this on to your prayers chains and other prayer warriors as we take a stand as the body of Christ for these beautiful servants of His!

- Jean Miller (Brantford, Ontario)

Comment posted by Judy&Hugh Parkinson
at 1/2/2008 9:56:14 AM

We are praying! Have passed this sos on to other pray chains.

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