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Published on November 25th, 2009 | by kenmacgowan


Uganda Scareways Flight booked

It’s official. We are scheduled to fly from Toronto to Entebbe, Uganda, on January 15, returning March 2.


And things are shaping up at the mission station in Bombo.


Thirty church-planters from Uganda are attending a conference. Starting churches is foundational to the strategy of missions in Africa. Cities often have several evangelical congregations, but remote villages are usually untouched by the Gospel. In 1970 we entered such a rural village, Muhomba, brought in an African missionary, and planted a church. A few months ago we heard that our congregation in Muhomba is STILL going strong! After 39 years!


The participants in this Ugandan conference are enjoying a new “luxury” – electricity! A line has been strung from a nearby school, and lights festoon the rustic buildings of Bombo. It’s a definite plus – it’s so discouraging to encounter snakes in the dark.


As we prepare for our departure, please continue to pray for a place for us to stay, and wheels for us to drive.


Some of you may not have received our Christmas poem. Please let me know your mailing address if you would like one.


Thanks again, and may God bless you.

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