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Published on October 9th, 2008 | by tdnimz7S


Whirled Missions

The invitation came months ago. Webuye. A remote, poverty-stricken section of Kenya near the border. The District Superintendent wanted me to come for a weekend and speak. So I went.

We had sat around and chatted till 11:55am Saturday, with no clue as to what I would be doing, to whom I would be speaking, and what the subject would be. Then I heard. There would be over 50 leaders from the area, and I would speak for 2 ½ hours on leadership. Fortunately I was ready. The people were warm and receptive. They spoke fondly of my brother-in-law, Kervan Chalmers, who lived there and built their church over 33 years ago!

The next morning we left the guest house at 7am, looking forward to breakfast at the Superintendent’s cousin’s at 8am. Oops. We needed to take a detour to see his home. To say it was rural is to say that Gibralter would be heavy to lift! We nearly got stuck on different occasions, slithering through deep mud with roads that slanted off to non-existent shoulders. Our breakfast visit was over 3 hours late. But who cared. Three speaking engagements lay ahead.

Right now Ken is planning to return to Canada to bring an update to friends and supporters.

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